Bennet Kelley Interet Lawyer

Bennet Kelley Interet Lawyer
Bennet Kelley and his many online identities

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bennet Kelley BAD FOR PEOPLE spam marketer for hire reputation terminator for hire

AND 30% Representing Spam Marketer scum bags
Bennet Kelley uses his silly Cyber Report to harass Darren Meade who
has challenged Bennet Kelley's unethical behavior on Rip off report.
Bennet Kelley attacks Darren Meade
Bennet Kelley has USED Ben Smith who is a District Attorney of a small county
in Iowa of (4,000) to go after Darren Meade, even writing the legal drafts
to subpoena Darren to Iowa under false charges that Darren Meade obstructed
justice in a murder case.  Bennet Kelley is a vindictive loser that is
going to destroy Ben Smith's Career.

Ben Smith Disqualified from Case
On September 19, 2014, Ripoff Report / Xcentric Ventures filed a Motion to Disqualify County Attorney Ben Smith from the lawsuit he filed seeking an order to take information down from the website.
The Motion to Disqualify is supported by a brief explaining the conflict of interest that disqualifies Smith from being the attorney on the case.  The lawsuit is taking place in Sac County, Iowa, where Ben Smith is the County Attorney and the only public prosecutor.

Essentially, the brief states  Smith’s performance as a public prosecutor is criticized in postings on the website, and Smith has a conflict of interest when he sues (or prosecutes) people for posting things that criticize him. [continued below]....
.....  A different and neutral attorney would need to do that, otherwise Smith is using the power of his office to serve his personal interest instead of the public interest.

“It is important that an elected public prosecutor cannot be able to use the official power of his office to prosecute, persecute, silence or suppress criticism from the public.  Otherwise he could just put all of his political opponents in jail, and there would be no freedom of speech or the press,” said  Adam Kunz, Xcentric's COO and In House Counsel.

The Ripoff Report / Xcentric’s Brief can be found here
All exhibits  that go with the Motion to Disqualify Ben Smith Sac County Prosecutor  are located below:

Written by,

Ed Magedson

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 09/21/2

Bennet Kelley's clients are Spam Marketers
that abuse your e mail in box with promises of "enlarging your penis"
Bennet Kelley knows all about SPAM they are his clients
Bennet Kelley gets paid to protect Spam Marketers in court.
Bennet Kelley uses Huffington Blog and Webmaster Radio
to get back at his enemies.   Bennet Kelley risks liability on this
companies by slandering his enemies on Free platforms
Bennet Kelley you should stop using Huffinington and Webmaster Radio
for your Vendetta.  Your career is over in California ---it's a lonely road
to only representing Spam Marketers


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bennet Kelley Internet Lawyer "productions" and cyber unprofessionalism of amateur online reputation assassin.

Bennet Kelley aka Terrorist Barbie aka Mary Dagan-Foxman aka Steamroller
aka St. Izzy aka Silcon Beach Law Center aka Internet Law Center aka Award Winning Journalist
aka Cyber Law Radio aka Political Hatchet Man aka occasional Attorney

Bennet Kelley, self absorbed "Internet Attorney" who boasts "We wrote the book on Cyber Law" has created an online billboard marketing himself as a Jack of all trades and master at nothing. 

Bennet Kelley has created numerous and humorous online characters from Steamroller to St. Izzy to the mentally disturbed yet (tongue in cheek) Terrorist Barbie aka Mary Dagan-Foxman aka Lady Mary Dagan-Foxman.  If his online stories were not so far fetched and reaching to the point of poor journalism they would be viewed as cartoonish, silly, satire, parody, intellectually deprived, unbelievable, shocking, unprofessional and products of a mentally disturbed obsessed man.

This page was produced by Bennet Kelley for his paltry online videos,
you can see the threads of Bennet Kelley's many online aliases.  Many people are
not sure if Bennet wants to be taken seriously or dismissed off as another "Loon of the Internet"
Kelley has a sense of humor and is known for his clownish immature behavior.

Bennet Kelley Productions, is laughable, his articles are plagiarized and have no credibility in the world of journalism.  Bennet Kelley failed at being a political hatchet man (Democratic Party parted ways with Kelley), thereby has streamed his bitchy attacking style of journalism into his law filings.  Bennet bases his defense and litigation on attacking the character of his opponent.  Kelley is known as the "go to person" who will destroy your competition, their reputation. This has earned Bennet Gerard Kelley the title of "Loon of the Internet" or "Cyber Law Criminal".   Bennet Kelley believes that contriving a few online fabricated awards for himself will lend credence to his online weirdness bordering on creepy.  

Bennet Kelley Loon of the Internet

Bennet Kelley Award Winning Journalist

Bennet Kelley Top Internet Lawyer or Hatchet Man?

Bennet Kelley Psycho aka "Terrorist Barbie"

Bennet Kelley is losing his law practice due to his inept behavior, no one finds him credible enough to hire.  We have collected some of Bennet Kelley's online "productions" and challenge you to select the ones that are by Bennet Kelley "Loon of the Internet" or merely by his laundry list of "friends"  are you ready for some fact or fiction? Crazy or sane? Legit or Satire? Lets start with Journalism and the claim of "Award winning Journalist"

The Cyberspace Committee that never went anywhere
and never will.  Bennet Kelley needs to list the cyber laws he has written

 Not to be outdone by his/her career as a online writer and "award winning journalist" (cough) lets take a look at Bennet Kelley's Law career.  We apologize we are still trying to find the Cyber laws that Bennet Kelley aka Mary-Dagan Foxman aka Terrorist Barbie wrote.


Bennet Kelley with his alter ego "Terrorist Barbie" aka Mary Dagan Foxman

There is so much about Bennet Kelley and his many

online characters and pseudo careers he has created.


Thank you Bennet Kelley for giving us the entertainment


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bennet Kelley Internet Lawyer, Award winning? Lets explore this claim shall we.

If you venture over to the twitter page of LABJ - LOS ANGELES BUSINESS JOURNAL, (which only has
a mere <4,000 followers.  This page SOLICITES for people to VOTE on their favorites.  We think Bennet Kelley
is using his 40 or so fake e mail accounts to vote for his favorite person (himself) LOL.  How many other
nominated themselves.  
Bennet Kelley claims to be one of the Most Influential E-Commerce Lawyers
This was by Los Angeles Business Journal "has indicated"
So what does that mean?  How is LA Business Journal deciding these
many awards that Bennet Kelley boasts about?


Mary Dagan-Foxman who is?: L. Mary Dagan-Foxman is Bennet Kelley, one of his ...

Mary Dagan-Foxman who is?: L. Mary Dagan-Foxman is Bennet Kelley, one of his ...: Bennet Gerard Kelley, uses many online fake personas to harasses people and stop the truth about his crusade to control the internet content...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bennet Kelley Internet Lawyer ETHICS ALERT- Fraudster, Legal Liar, Narcisstic and Egomanic

Luckily Bennet Kelley has no paying job otherwise he wouldn't have time to dedicate to his favorite client BENNET GERARD KELLEY. Here is a recent commentary by someone who has hit all the points and writes much more convincing than smut king Bennet Kelley.  Wanna be famous attorney, radio jock and writer. (he cannot make up his mind what he wants to be)

ETHICS ALERT: Journalist & Attorney Cyber Law Business Report Bennet Kelley of Huffington Post BUSTED Tiny Iowa Town Takes on King of online Defamation Ben Smith Iowa Rexxfield Tracey Richter

AUTHOR: Darren M. Meade - ()

Bennet Kelley of Cyber Law and Business Report wrote and published a patently false story in order to help his client Michael Roberts of Rexxfield gain an advantage in a civil case by claiming a false set of facts as the basis of a criminal investigation by Benjamin Smith, Chief Law Enforcement Officer and business affilate of Michael Roberts.
Before I go further, Bennet, If the I made a mistake of fact or substance, I will quickly and transparently correct it and explain the correction. All corrections will be updated or added as a rebuttal to the report. May I challenge you to do the same?
 You wrote on Huffington Post:
"... Roberts had disclosed details of an opportunity to license an existing illegal malicious SQL browser developed by Matthew Cooke to Darren Meade and Adam Zuckerman (a convicted felon on "supervised release") which, when deployed, could effectively remove webpages from the internet.
This link proves it was Michael Roberts of Rexxfield selling the illegal malicious SQL hack since 2007
 You also wrote:
Smith explains that Zuckerman hoped to emulate Cooke's business model of "reputation racketeering" which used one web property to generate defamatory content that his reputation repair property would then use to solicit removal services with people paying thousands of dollars to remove the posts..."
Benjamin Smith, is aware, as are you, that since 2007, Michael Roberts had a long line of people who paid him handsomely to censor and be a private kill-switch on Internet free speech. Michael Roberts Rexxfield even had a pre-recorded sales call selling the SQL injection code (listen here - take 90 seconds to load)
Bennet both yourself and Ben Smith, know Michael Roberts  of Rexxfield was hired to previously covering up for a plastic surgeon the death of a patient in Toronto, Canada ...refresh your memory - here
Rexxfield, created a has a plan to create new clients, using automated technology to generate defamatory content about individuals and corporations that value their reputations the bigger the better. We're talking about a whole new strain of WMDs weapons of mass defamation. Think about it: What if allegations of pedophilia were to pop up the next time you Google your name? Or obscene stories about your wife or your daughter? When we're talking about the potential ruin of your career, your marriage, or your child's future, money is no object and these predators know it. When the time is right, you'll get an email and it'll be Rexxfield to the rescue antidote in one hand, anthrax in the other.
Read the planning session here -  
The same document above on pages 66-76 details Michael Roberts and Paul Portelli of Rexxfield launching a competing website to Ripoff Report in 2010, and to usurp Ripoff Reports revenue stream, they were going to falsely accuse Ripoff Report of extortion ... and the final page of the court reporters transcript details Michael Roberts placing someone on Ripoff Report to create business for his reputation management company // somehow you left all of that out of your article.
Eight months prior to the murder trial both Fox News and consumer advocacy website Ripoff Report reported on a hacking code allegedly used by Michael Roberts and called his use of it criminal.
Read Fox News story here -
I personally wrote a detailed expose that explained how Michael Roberts used this hacking code to cover for a wealthy client physician who was responsible for covering up the death of a patient.
I supplied Prosecutor Ben Smith documentation of how Michael Roberts had tampered with the jury for the murder trial via the Internet. I even provided Attorney Smith with evidence of Michael Roberts plot to have me murdered for not going along with his Googlecide fear based marketing program and his conspiracy to extort search engine giant Google.
Listen to snippet here ~
Within 48 hours of the time I submitted this evidence to Ben Smith; he sent all of it directly to Michael Roberts rather than investigate the allegations. Sources have confirmed that after Ben Smith relaying this information Michael Roberts created a ghost of his hard-drive and also reinstalled his operating system.
Conflict of Interests
Ben Smith had a conflict of interest with his star witness, and failed to fully disclose all aspects of that relationship to the Judge. Smith also had a conflict of interest in befriending and supporting Michael in his quest to gain full custody of his children. He did it despite knowing Michael was a child abuser according to the Iowa Childrens Protective Services finding.
Justice = Just Us
Bennet, do you remember our meeting in Long Beach, California?
Where you were retained to help with the removal of three off-shore websites, one being my business domain
You knew the article you wrote on Huffington Post was patently false.
Bennet, I have an audio recording where Michael Roberts of Rexxfield states he has journalist on retainer, and that these journalist will write what ever needs to be written for a client. Are you one of there journalist?
My reporting is legitimate and factual protected free speech, it is also effective, we do not need to embellish with lies as Smith / Roberts has alleged.
I am dedicated to ensuring all reports I publish are accurate. If you believe you have found an inaccuracy, please let me know. If the I make a mistake of fact or substance, I will quickly and transparently correct it and explain the correction.