Bennet Kelley Interet Lawyer

Bennet Kelley Interet Lawyer
Bennet Kelley and his many online identities

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bennet Kelley E Impersonator and Vexatous Litagate

Bennet Kelley cannot make up his mind who or what he is 

Small Selection of online names that
Bennet Kelley the Internet criminal uses
in between trying to be a political analyst, writer, web base radio jock
and just all around liar about his fake image
Numerous twitter accounts
and many more that we lost count.

Mulitiple gmail accounts under his
legal name Bennet Kelley
there is over 100 in GMail and Yahoo
under Bennet Kelley and various other names

The fake persona of the dashing young internet attorney Bennet Kelley over utilizes the FREE marketing of himself


Bennet Kelley the Barefoot Hillbilly Attorney


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bennet Kelley Internet Attorney A Serial Cyber Defamer and fraud

This is what Bennet Kelley does all day with his 5 twitter accounts, fake web sites and free radio show and Huffington Blog.   Tweet about nonsense, "this day in history" and rehashing news from other sources.
Bennet Kelley Internet Attorney has lost his career, not to mention the fake image he tries to contrive about himself and his altered ego L. Mary Dagan-Foxman. 


Bennet Kelley has much to say about nothing
Here is the real Bennet Kelley a fat slob barefoot hillbilly
with no career except that as a serial cyber defamer
Bennet Kelley

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bennet Kelley Internet Lawyer false advertising and image

In business it's ok that you put out a positive image and even stretch the truth.
However, it's not OK to lie about your credentials or so'called "victories"

Here is Bennet's image photo that he uses along with unethically STEALING trademarked copyrighted logos and state seals.  Bennet Kelley is not part of any governmental agency he is a
lone wolf trying to cut out a living as an Internet Attorney along with about 400 other Internet Attorneys who actually have large retainers.




You can't fix ugly
Barefoot Hillbilly Attorney

Monday, December 8, 2014

Bennet Kelley Internet Lawyer aka L. Mary Dagan-Foxman

Bennet Kelley's online antics is comical, first he disguises himself with over 20 Twitter accounts and 50 Gmail accounts.  Then there is his favorite personas with crazy names like "Terrorist Barbie", "Steamroller" "Lady Mary Dagan-Foxman" then there is the St. Izzy of the Internet.
With all of these fake personas and his free webmaster radio and freebie amateur blogs to keep up, we beg to ask the question :  "When does Bennet Gerard Kelley have time for paying customers?"
Kelley's "Donkey-Gram" and his ever present awards
this is another award he stuffed the online ballots with.
Nothing like voting for yourself.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bennet Kelley Internet Lawyer, discussed on Ripoff Report

Bennet Kelley cannot stay away from polluting the internet with
his sad commentary.  Here he is in another self-made video promo - poor lighting
no make up, poor sound and video editing.  Bennet Kelley needs professional help in
more than one way.

Bennet Kelley should take Ripoff Report to court to remove comments.  Actually, he has tried but couldn't remove because you cannot remove "truth" another EPIC FAILURE of Bennet Kelley.
It seems that Bennet Kelley is still using his law license to harm people.  All of Bennet Kelley's fake charges have been dropped there is no "criminal charges" and no protective order for Bennet Kelley aka "Terrorist Barbie" or "St. Izzy of the internet" or whatever fake alias he choses to use.
Bennet Kelley is a failure at law, or creating his psuedo laughable law firm (a one man show) with such false claims as "We wrote the book on Cyber Law" Mr. Bennet Gerard Kelley has been exposed for his online fraud and local court rooms and District Attorney offices grow tired of his paltry and baseless claims.  He lost his child trafficker clients case without so much of a summary judgment so his next resort was to use his hatchet stlyle and try to destroy the reputation of the defendant.  Bennet Kelley thought that filing baseless claims in federal court (causes of action all unactionable) it would financial bankrupt or harm the defendant.  Not so folks, the defendant represented herself for 15 months and her past insurance company paid for the last 5 months with an excellent and high powered law firm...dancing circles around the 1 man dog and pony show of Bennet Kelley.
Bennet Kelley is not a "super star internet attorney" as his amateur self marketing would have you believe.  He is nothing more than an online criminal using his law license to perform Identity Theft, which was the basis for him being fired at Value Click and their FTC fine for $2.8 million.  While you are at it- please research the amount of distrust and contempt fellow Attorneys have for this sad joke of a walking billboard for himself. 
Mr. Bennet Kelley is not among the top Internet Attorneys in the USA, he is a liar.  Armed with a free radio talk show blog and his snarky entries on Huffington Blog, it is doubtful his online antics will ever lead to a paying job.  Hopefully he hasn't spent the $209,000 in legal fees he fleeced out of a human trafficking client, Hopscotch Adoptions.  It's not like we all don't know about International Adoptions and why they have decrease 70%.  Human trafficking is such an ugly but lucrative business.
Bennet Kelley cannot make it as a radio jock or joke, a writer or a Internet Attorney trying desperately to drum up business with start up Internet based companies.  Would you trust a clown like Bennet Kelley who spends 12 hours a day maintaining his Internet with his 5 twitter accounts 30 G gmail accounts and other online nonsense with your start up business?  Just read his online self advertising it is horrible, poor Bennie is so insecure.  He really wants people to think he is some sort of success when he is a failure online or off line.  Bennet Kelley doesn't have time to dedicate to paying clients he is too busy with the free self promotion of himself while at the same time harming innocent people.
Get a life Bennie, maybe you should just move back to Rhode Island since no one in California is going to take you seriously except maybe Poggi and Wanda. The dog and the wife or is that the wife and the dog.
Bennet Kelley was the hatchet guy for the Cliniton Democratic party, even they have cut him loose after his overtheboard
online harassment of President George W. Bush, the online "" and the book he co authored "Bush Lies" (prime examples of award winning literary work?) LMAO
Bennet Kelley, aka Terrorist Barbie, aka St. Izzy of the Internet, aka Radio blog online joke / jock aka Huffington blog contributor aka Internet Attorney "who wrote the book on cyber law" is a sad man who will never make it- we will make sure of that.
Bennie tried to be appointed to the City Planning of Santa Monica, but luckily the City Manager Ms. Gorman was diligent and researched his pathetic reputation.  Californians watch this snake we cannot have him in our politics, or near policy making.