Bennet Kelley Interet Lawyer

Bennet Kelley Interet Lawyer
Bennet Kelley and his many online identities

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bennet Kelley outed as L. Mary Dagan-Foxman aka Terrorist Barbie the Vextious Litgant Attorney BUSTED

If you listen to L. Mary Dagan-Foxman's tall tales she would have you believe she is a Journalist for "Reporters without Borders".  We all know this is a lie, like her other fabricated background, as Mary er Terrorist Barbie was sent a cease and desist letter to knock off the fraud.
Mary has also told many people that she was unjustly incarcerated for 30 months and held without bond.  (More of Mary's Tall Tales)  Either she is a bad story teller or she has no legal firepower surrounding her.  Mary also has employed the help of "Who's Who" a scam online solicitation that has bothered not only myself but many of my colleagues to include us in some sort of "Whos Who of America" only Mary's has nothing to be proud of.  There is no fund raisers, no UN work, no books, No Panaloop no anything except online fraud with a gadzillion disguises. 

Incarceration for 30 months - held without BAIL  (Mary's words not mine)

Mary claims to have been incarcerated for 30 months without
bail.  Sure Mary whatever you say.

Some similarities between Wanda J. Rudd (Mrs. Bennet Kelley) and
Terrorist Barbie aka L. Mary Dagan Foxman.  Both are about 5" ft. tall.
Both claim to come from Canada.  Both Bennet and Crazy Mary claim to be writers and have
Lymphoma.  Both Mary and Bennet are hung up on making their bios look successful (cough cough) and
appear like they really are in the inner circle of famous people (NOT) Both make a lot of wild claims, criminologist, venture
capitalist, Panaloop, Human Rights Activist.  Bennet claims to be a book writer (BUSH LIES) that he knows how to be a political analyst (isn't everyone) critique movies, tell big stories on the internet like "Me and Dr. Jones" or how about how
Bennet's father was a murderer and one of the Dresden BOMBERS.  Then there is overuse of logos and charitable organizations.  Name Dropping (Mary even claims to have 2 famous people as her god fathers) 
We know Bennet's fat calves anywhere, Mary we are told by the outside security people
was wearing 5" heels and was so short you passed her by.  Then she was heard whining about her feet hurting.

Pay money to "Whos Who" and appear famous or like you really have done something. 

More faces of FRAUD L. Mary Dagan-Foxman

Can't get enough of L. Mary Dagan-Foxman aka terrorist Barbie aka Bennet Kelley?

Not only does Bennet Kelly have a portfolio of online bios he is now twitting about nothing

Bennet Kelley can tell stories but his latest ones are getting boring, check out his latest video "Me and Mr. Jones" not only can he not tell a story very well (He thinks he is clever) but the entire time he is reading off of the screen and not even writing original material. 
Bennet Kelley had the promise of a career, when he was younger - brilliant future.  Today, there is nothing but free web based radio and other free gigs.  There is no speaking career as his voice is nasty oh which reminds us...L. Mary Dagan-Foxman tried to push herself off as a speaker too.  But no one wants to hear either lunatic talk about their Tall Tales. 
Poor little creeps.


Just hope she is getting enough money to make an ass out of herself.  Hires a model to take photos all over the world who also makes phone calls for him.   She is blabbing her guts out to the Santa Monica Detective unit who has been watching Bennet Kelley's online antics for over 7 months.  He has been warned, don't come around again with your Malicious Prosecution and Slander. 

Its over Bennet Gerard Kelley, you sank your own reputation in California among legal circles you are a laughing joke.  GET YOUR PENIS OUT OF THE FILE NOW. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bennet Kelley E Impersonator and Vexatous Litagate

Bennet Kelley cannot make up his mind who or what he is 

Small Selection of online names that
Bennet Kelley the Internet criminal uses
in between trying to be a political analyst, writer, web base radio jock
and just all around liar about his fake image
Numerous twitter accounts
and many more that we lost count.

Mulitiple gmail accounts under his
legal name Bennet Kelley
there is over 100 in GMail and Yahoo
under Bennet Kelley and various other names

The fake persona of the dashing young internet attorney Bennet Kelley over utilizes the FREE marketing of himself


Bennet Kelley the Barefoot Hillbilly Attorney


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bennet Kelley Internet Attorney A Serial Cyber Defamer and fraud

This is what Bennet Kelley does all day with his 5 twitter accounts, fake web sites and free radio show and Huffington Blog.   Tweet about nonsense, "this day in history" and rehashing news from other sources.
Bennet Kelley Internet Attorney has lost his career, not to mention the fake image he tries to contrive about himself and his altered ego L. Mary Dagan-Foxman. 


Bennet Kelley has much to say about nothing
Here is the real Bennet Kelley a fat slob barefoot hillbilly
with no career except that as a serial cyber defamer
Bennet Kelley

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bennet Kelley Internet Lawyer false advertising and image

In business it's ok that you put out a positive image and even stretch the truth.
However, it's not OK to lie about your credentials or so'called "victories"

Here is Bennet's image photo that he uses along with unethically STEALING trademarked copyrighted logos and state seals.  Bennet Kelley is not part of any governmental agency he is a
lone wolf trying to cut out a living as an Internet Attorney along with about 400 other Internet Attorneys who actually have large retainers.




You can't fix ugly
Barefoot Hillbilly Attorney